2015 Summer Updates

grandadminManagers Corner

Hallelujah!!!!!!!! The Grand website is up and running. The website will function as a means to provide twenty four hour and seven day a week information, contact names, phone numbers and emails for management and your Directors. Digitized copies of various Condominium Association documents, forms and applications will be available for you to download.

Articles for inclusion in the website may be submitted to the administration office for review of its appropriateness. There will be community Bulletin boards that will facilitate interaction amongst residents for informative issues and for placing items or services for sale. After launch the website will expand as use and demand requires.

I am sure that most have noticed the continued refurbishment of your common areas. The Lobby, Residential hallways, Mail room, East Patio and RG Lobby have all been remodeled and upgraded. The exterior painting is nearing completion. The pool bar & Grill has been operating for the summer serving food and drinks to our Residents and guest’s. All done at no additional cost to unit owner’s. We have plans to continue renovating by removing existing motor lobby pavers and replacing with either pavers or stamped concrete.

The Board has developed and implemented Rules and Regulations pertaining to pets. Please make sure your pet is registered and follow the pet rules. Be courteous to your fellow residents and use the freight elevators to transport your dog.

We are also formulating plans for the modernization of our Residential Elevator equipment. We hope that everyone enjoys their summer. As always please feel free to contact management should you have any questions or comments.

Please be courteous and either transport your dog in the service elevator or carry your dog in passenger elevatror. Please refrain from throwing cigarette butts from your balcony.