What is the address for The Grand Condominium?

The address for The Grand Condominium is 1717 North Bayshore Drive, Miami, FL 33132.


What is the total number of condo units at The Grand Condominium?

The development consists of xxxx total condo units plus xxx hotel rooms operated by Hilton. It also includes a handful of commercial spaces at the base of the development.


How many floors does The Grand Condominium have?

The Grand Condominium rises xx stories.


What is the pet policy for owners and renters?


Are guests of residents allowed to bring their pets to The Grand Condominium?


As a The Grand Condominium resident, how many guests am I allowed to have at the pool at one time?


How many parking spaces are included with each unit?


What are the valet rates at The Grand Condominium?


What are the hours of operation for the fitness center and spa?


What are the pool and hot tub hours?


Is food and beverage service provided at the pool? Is towel service provided?


Which company provides cable TV and Internet service to units at The Grand Condominium?


Which company developed The Grand Condominium?


Which architectural firm designed The Grand Condominium?



How many restaurants are on-site?


Which utilities are included in The Grand Condominium association dues?


What are the rental restrictions for condos residing at The Grand Condominium?



How much is the rental application fee?

The application fee for leases is $xxx per occupant.

Which utilities are included for condo rentals?

The following utilities are included in the condominium association dues and, therefore, unless otherwise stated, are also included in prices quoted for rentals: xx.

Are short-term rentals permitted in The Grand Condominium?